The Stag & Hounds, Burrough on the Hill

Today at the Stag & Hounds, Burrough on the Hill 
The Stag & Hounds was Captain Myles and Pam Henry’s billet after their marriage in 1943. Described by Pam in her autobiography –

“High on a hill, surrounded as far as the eye could see by snow- covered fields, stood a lonely pub. Howling gales had battered its grey stone walls for centuries, but inside the warmth of old-fashioned hospitality prevailed. For Myles and me it was the perfect billet as, being so small, it contained only two bedrooms. One for the landlord and his wife, and one for us. A diminutive chamber, almost entirely filled by the huge bed, whereon reposed a genuine goose-feather mattress, into which we sank as if on a billowing cloud.

Each morning, after my husband had departed to his duties, our solicitous landlady served me a vast breakfast in this feathery nest. Bacon, eggs and sausages! I could not believe my eyes. Were there no rationing problems in this remote countryside?”

With our President, Jennifer Lady Gretton, and our good friend, Corporal Alan Staff (2PARA), we were delighted to present the nicely framed ‘Story of Pam & Myles’ to Dominic and Antonia, which will now be displayed in the pub.
Like all charities, we are nothing without our volunteers, and Lady Gretton took this opportunity to thank outgoing treasurer, Jayne Montgomery-Stuart and our gardener, Andy Wright, presenting them with some small tokens in appreciation for the huge amount of work they have done and continue to do for FoTT.
The full story of Myles and Pam and their time at the Stag & Hounds, is described in our new guide book, ‘The Tenth Battalion Trail’, available in our website shop.