Friends of the Tenth

Every year since the Battle of Arnhem in 1944, a commemoration service and parade has been held in the village of Somerby, but there has been a great desire among many associated with the 10th Battalion, the Parachute Regiment to do more.

What transpired then, was the formation of Friends of the Tenth by relatives of Battalion officers and servicemen, members of the Parachute Regimental Association, Leicester Branch, and people from both Somerby and surrounding villages.

The group was formed with the intention of creating a legacy and lasting memorial to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice at Arnhem through the design and installation of a commemorative sculpture in the parish of Somerby.

The 10th Battalion had been stationed in and around Somerby in the lead-up to their parachute drop 64 miles behind enemy lines in Holland.

What many villagers who were around at that time will never forget is that 582 men left on that fateful mission on September 18th, but only 36 survivors returned there two weeks later following the end to the Battle of Arnhem.

Friends of the Tenth’s mission now is to ensure their place in history, their bravery and their sacrifice is remembered by so many more.



President                                       Jennifer, Lady Gretton DCVO JP

Patron                                             Air Vice Marshall Ranald Munro CBE TD VR DL

Patron in the Netherlands      Dr Robert Voskuil

Padre                                               The Reverend Brian McAvoy MBE MA RAF (retd)

Chairman                                       Alec Wilson

Vice Chairman                               Tim Hall-Wilson

Secretary & Treasurer               Jayne Montgomery-Stuart

Trustees                                          Alec Wilson, Jeanie Holland, Grahame Warner, Tim Hall-Wilson

Battalion Historian                     Grahame Warner

Parachute Regiment                   Major Sean Phillips

10 Para (v)                                       Terry Lowe

General                                             Tina Cooper, Martin Wyke

Somerby                                           Davina Bates, Amanda Howe

Thorpe Satchville                          Jane & Neil Thorley

Burrough on the Hill                   Flo Batt

The Netherlands                            Arjan Vrieze, Liset Vos

Somerby Parish Council             Councillor Pat Fynn