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Friends of the Tenth is a registered charity, comprised of a group of like-minded individuals committed to perpetuating the memory and legacy of the brave men of the 10th Battalion, the Parachute Regiment so that their part in history shall never be forgotten.

We have erected a commemorative stone sculpture in the Leicestershire Parish of Somerby, where the Battalion was stationed in the lead-up to a fateful drop behind enemy lines in the Battle of Arnhem in 1944.

We also want to raise awareness of this tragic story, when so many gave their lives, by educating all generations, but especially young people, about this passage in history in the months leading up to the end of the Second World War.

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Derek Chambers – A great ‘friend of the Tenth’

DEREK CHAMBERS — PAINTING PARAS By Prosper Keating Derek Chambers’ painting of 2 PARA in Helmand in 2008 Derek Chambers is a self-taught painter. His natural talent and gift for scale and perspective shines through in works like ‘The Call-On, Isle of Dogs c.1950’. His one-man exhibitions aside, his art, created in an astonishing range […]

Victor Gregg’s Funeral Service

Victor Gregg’s Funeral service will be held at The 10th Battalion Memorial at 11.00am Sunday 21st November 2021

The 77th Tenth Battalion Commemorations in Leicestershire & Oosterbeek

On Saturday 11th September, Friends of The Tenth held a very well attended annual general meeting in Somerby Memorial Hall. This was followed by an open afternoon and get-together in the Memorial Hall where the Charity’s historian and archivist, Grahame Warner, read the opening chapter from his forthcoming book, which is a comprehensive history of […]


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