Thanks to the good offices of more ex-paras, in particular, his son, Peter, we have been put in touch with Derek Chambers. Derek is a renowned artist who has already undertaken commissions for the Parachute Regiment. We are delighted and amazed that Derek has offered to paint ‘The Last Stand of The Fighting Tenth’ and that he will donate this original, hugely important piece of art to our fund. We believe that the auction of this painting will attract national, even world-wide interest and needless to say a very significant winning bid. Start saving! I’m sure this is something we would all like to own. However, do not despair if you can’t afford the original, we will also be offering fine art limited and numbered editions.

The above image is an example of Derek Chamber’s art, this is NOT the proposed ‘Last Stand of The Fighting Tenth’  more on his website: http://derekchambers.org.uk/


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