THE SOMERBY COCKEREL – LIMITED EDITION OF 75, hand made, solid sterling silver, gold plated and hall marked


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Friends of The Tenth have commissioned a unique golden Somerby Cockerel from jewellers, City Goldsmiths.


A high quality jewel based on the famous Somerby Church weathercock which, in 1944, was target practise for Lt Pat Glover and led to the remarkable story of ‘Myrtle the Parachick’.

A limited edition of only 75

Hand-made, solid sterling silver, hall marked and gold plated (gilded).

Each Somerby Cockerel will be in a presentation box with a limited edition numbered certificate and an A5 four page leaflet relating the story of ‘Myrtle the Parachick’


£90 each plus £5 p&p

We have a limited quantity in stock but please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery (they are hand-made to order)