Is Your Teddy Bear Brave Enough To Jump?

BRAVE teddy bears with a head for heights will be taking to the skies to raise money for the Friends of the Tenth Appeal at the annual Somerby commemoration weekend.

Entrants into a special parachute drop in the village will earn their wings and their owners will have the satisfaction of helping to generate valuable funds for the appeal.

This family event is part of the celebrations which will take place over the weekend of September 9th and 10th in what is the 73rd year of the annual commemoration.

Those taking part will be able to register their teddy bear at the Memorial Hall in Somerby after 1.30pm on Saturday 9th September with the jump starting at 2.30pm.

The following conditions apply for bears wishing to leap to participate:

1. Teddy bears must register, with their owners at the registration desk. If they have not already done so, they will be asked to complete a registration form. A jump fee of £1.00 per jump will be charged.

2. At registration, teddy bears will undergo a medical examination and safety check. Only Bears that pass the medical will be given permission to jump. The Medical Officer’s decision is final.

3. Teddy bears who pack their own parachutes must have them firmly attached prior to registration.

4. Instructors will attach parachutes to teddy bears who do not bring their own.

5. Please ensure that participants are not hard bodied and are not wearing or carrying any hard items that could injure themselves, other bears or spectators.

6. Teddy bears must NOT carry live ammunition or grenades. This is not an Operational Jump.

7. Teddy bears must form an orderly line. Failure to do so will be punished by being sent to the back and possibly returned to unit.

8. Teddy bears must obey safety instructions from the Dispatcher at the top of the tower.

9. Refusal to jump will preclude teddy bears from obtaining regimental ‘wings’.

10. If a parachute does not open, and the teddy bear survives, an opportunity for a second jump will be given, subject to permission from the Medical Officer.

11. Teddy bears must clear the drop zone quickly, safely and proceed in good order to the RV.

12. Whilst every care will be taken, the Jump Masters will not be held responsible for loss or damage to teddy bears.

13. Teddy bears that have completed their regulation three successful descents will be awarded their ‘wings’ at the discretion of the Course Commanding Officer.

14. The Jump Master’s decision is final.

15. The Jump is subject to weather conditions.

The registration form requires the following information:

Name of teddy bear and owner, address of bear, height and weight of bear, any distinguishing features, pre-existing medical conditions and previous parachuting experience.