Many of you who were at the unveiling would have seen this filmed message from Pam Henry-Lamm.

Pam is the 99 year young widow of Captain Myles Henry. Pam was 8 months pregnant with their daughter, when Myles was posted ‘missing, believed killed’. It was many months before Pam learned for certain of his fate.

Myles was the Battalion’s Intelligence Officer and was killed on the 19th September during the Battalion’s withdrawal towards Wolfheze, across the Polish LZ.

Pam has sent this beautiful and poignant message from 11,000 miles away in Auckland, New Zealand – enjoy and reflect.

On this the 75th anniversary, spare a thought for those lovely young people, and thousands of others, devastated by the tragedy and disaster of Operation Market Garden.

Pam says that she and Myles were not ‘unique’, but I think you will agree that they are pretty special.

We will remember them.